Smith Road Project

***** Completed *****


The first of our residential projects. We have taken a slightly dated end terrace house and from it created a modern family friendly home. We have relocated the small cold downstairs bathroom to a spacious room upstairs and fitted it with a modern suite to fit any family. With the extra space now downstairs we have opened up a kitchen into a kitchen dinner with plenty of floor space to use. This large two bedroom house also has a beautiful rear and a driveway.

The property has also had a full house rewire and a brand new boiler and heating system fitted to make sure that even during the coldest of months you will be nice and warm from the comfort of your home. The whole house has PVC windows and new doors make a lovely striking finish to the front and rear of the property.

As this was our first residential project we have made a real bond with this property and we will be happy to see it being enjoyed to its full potential.


Bridgewater Street

***** Completed *****


Bridgewater Street is our current ongoing residential project and we have picked a true renovation here. The house itself is located in the halton town of runcorn in walking distance to the main high street. This mid terrace house has been left to it own devices for some years now with no upkeep or maintenance but now it has landed with HaresDon Properties and we cannot wait to make this building a home again.

It has two large bedrooms with a large bathroom upstairs, a dinning area and living room with kitchen located in the extension at rear. This property also has a cellar with loads of storage ares.

Photo’s will be uploaded throughout our journey and you can keep updated with our progress.

Widnes Gymnastics Club

***** Completed *****


Summer 2016 and HaresDon Properties have taken a fantastic opportunity to create a safe and useable space for Widnes Gymnastics Club. Taking a warehouse through the development stages required to create a new modern gymnastics club. The project was completed just before the new year and has been in use since. The 5000 ft² space has a large guy floor with a ballet area and Pitt, waiting room for w/c for parents as well as storage and a front terrace.

Widnes Angling Centre

***** Completed *****


The Widnes Angling Centre has joined our project portfolio. When we was asked to turn this disabled centre into a practical retail unit we jumped at the chance. The 2936 Sq Ft space needed Suitable office space and to be brought up to building and fire regulations. We quickly addressed these issues and installed a suitable ceiling, and created secure office spaces. with staff toilets and storage we used the space available to meet the demand. The shop has now completed and is flourishing in the new location with its new space. Job Done.

Marton Meadows Golf & Lesuire

Autumn 2017-

HaresDon Properties Ltd. is pleased to announce its forthcoming Patnership with Oakhare Properties Ltd. and its involvment in proposals for an exciting regeneration project in the midst of the Cheshire countryside. Extending over a 26 acre site, works for this fantastic new development will be phased over a three year period with proposals including extensive refurbishment and sympathetic enhancement to current facilities.

More information to follow!